Production of custom-made icons

"Icon on porcelain"

You can buy an icon created and hand-painted on a unique material from us.

Items of white gold, as they used to call porcelain, are real works of art that involves a complex production technology.

– The icons are painted at one of the largest Russian porcelain factories – the Imperial Porcelain Factory.

– Products are made of hard-paste porcelain. 

– We do not use printing. The icons are hand-painted by an artist, so that even if you order serial products from our catalog, each of them will be unique.

Choose an image from the catalogue, or submit a request to create an individual order, and you will receive an invaluable ageless icon for many generations.

The advantages of porcelain

Unlike other materials such as wood, paper or metal, porcelain is a durable basis unsusceptible to rotting and decomposition. In addition, the applied pattern is protected by high-temperature firing and special glaze. Thus, our icons will not fade over time, and the colors will remain bright and beautiful for many decades.


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«Императорский фарфоровый завод»

Only few industries have the capability, skills and experience to create high-quality porcelain.

In our case, the world-wide known Imperial Porcelain Factory is responsible for its development and production.

In our case, the world-wide known Imperial Porcelain Factory is responsible for the development and production process. For more than 275 years of its operation, the porcelain factory has had a significant impact on the history of Russia. Besides, the manufactory is a leader in the production of porcelain products in the country. From the moment of its creation, any product of the Imperial Porcelain Factory always becomes priceless.

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«Imperial Porcelain Manufacture»

Индивидуальная экскурсия и
мастер-класс в подарок

При заказе иконы у нас вы получаете индивидуальную экскурсию по Императорскому Фарфоровому Заводу,
где вам покажут полный цикл производства, познакомят 
с мастерами и проведут мастер-класс по росписи фарфора.

Porcelain icon production process

The porcelain plaque by itself is a flat porcelain tablet with a pictorial image. Due to its shape, it is ideal for staging in an icon case.

The manufacturing process is rather complex; flat products are made by molding. The strength of the material is achieved by the high-temperature firing at the beginning of work and after glazing.
at the beginning of work and after glazing. Porcelain can be decorated with paints either before or after the protective glaze.
The underglaze decoration is characterized by layer-by-layer paint application and high-temperature firing. As a result, we get soft contours and gentle durable pattern.
The overglaze decoration, due to the lower temperature of the final firing, allows the usage of a richer color palette, including gold and silver shades.
Due to the strict adherence to all production technologies and owing to specialists’ skills, the porcelain icon becomes a unique, timeless artwork.

Porcelain icons

The word icon derives from the Greek ‘eikon’ which is translated as ‘image’. An icon is the image of the God-man or the image of a saint.
It helps a person attune to a prayerful condition and turn to Divine help.

The icons painted on porcelain are examples of high art. The artists carefully convey the plot and the image of the holy face, according to the ancient traditions and canons of icon painting. For many decades, porcelain icons have retained their original appearance, brightness of colors and warmth of material – this is an invaluable relic for many generations to come.

Choose a ready-made icon in our catalog, or place an individual order for a unique product by contacting us.

Order a unique icon

In addition to our ready-made works, you can order your own, individual and unique icon.
Our specialists will contact you to help you customize the order and calculate the cost.

Execution stages

After you submit a request, we will contact you and help you decide on:
– The choice of the image;
– The size of the icon, and;
– Image design features (gilding, silvering, platinum plating)
If necessary, we will make a sketch of the icon and conclude a contract for the fulfillment of the order.




















Conclusion of a contract


Discussion of the order






Order fulfillment






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