A custom-made icon is a complex, unique image. It can combine a few plots and completely different saints. We offer you a variety of options to choose from, and as a result, a unique image is born.

Such an icon will not just be a good gift for your loved ones, but also a unique work of art. This section will acquaint you with some types of icons, as well as examples of our work.

Icons of saints:

Each baptized person has his own heavenly patron. Prayer communication with the heavenly patron strengthens the spirit, restores joy and health, and helps to find grace, salvation and eternal life.
When addressing your patron saint, you do not need to thoroughly know the words of the prayers – a sincere request for help, expressed mentally or aloud in your own words, will be heard.

You can order an icon with the image of any saint from us.
The believer needs to see the one to whom he is addressing. It was this need that gave a birth to icon painting, for this there are icons of Saints to this day.

Family icons

Why does a person today need an icon of a heavenly patron?
The family icon is a joint image of several heavenly patrons of family members praying to the Lord for salvation, health and well-being. Such icons are created only by order, since the Saints who patronize different family members are rarely revered and depicted together.

There are many options for the iconography of family images. It is customary to give to the newlywed couple an icon depicting two Saints – the heavenly patrons of each of the spouses.
However, more often images with more than one generation of the family presented are created, but parents with children, sometimes even grandchildren.

Wedding couples

Wedding icons – the blessing of marriage on earth and in heaven
Wedding icons are images of the Savior and the Mother of God, intended to bless the bride and groom at the wedding (hence the other name of the icons – the wedding couple). To order the images of the Savior and the Mother of God in honor of the wedding means to give the newlyweds a bright, meaningful gift. They will have to accompany the spouses all their lives. Then the images, carefully kept by the parents, will be inherited by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren as a real family heirloom, according to the traditions of the past.
A wedding pair of images for believers is not a formality, nor a beautiful tradition. The combination of two images, which are most important for Orthodox iconography, has since ancient times been part of the sacrament of marriage and spiritual union of spouses. These icons have sanctified the family life for years, protected from troubles, helped to overcome any hardships of life together and to preserve happiness and unity.

Savior icons

Icons of Christ the Savior occupy the main place in an Orthodox church and in the home of every believer. The image of the Lord Jesus Christ is the most important in icon painting. In fact, icon painting itself began with the need to capture the image of Christ.
Today, when anyone who feels such a spiritual need can buy an icon of the Savior, few people think about what difficulties the first icon painters faced. Jesus Christ is the perfect God, and the perfect Man is the God-man. This is very difficult to convey by art, therefore the icon of the Savior Jesus Christ is by no means a portrait of Christ in our usual understanding of a portrait. The icon of Christ the Savior is his image, in which the mystery is preserved: “Christ, being depicted, remains incomprehensible” (St. Theodore the Studite)

Icons of the Theotokos

The Orthodox believer is imbued with special reverence for the images of the Mother of God. The source of the widespread veneration of the icons of the Pure Virgin is the Ephesian Ecumenical Council (431), at which, in contrast to Nestorianism, the Church approved the naming of the Blessed Virgin for the Virgin Mary. The first images of the Blessed Virgin, which are still very far from the current canons of the Theotokos icons, are found in the catacombs of the 2nd–3rd centuries. The canonical image, familiar to every Orthodox person, was formed in Christian art already in the 6th-7th centuries.
On icons, the Most Holy Theotokos is usually depicted holding the Infant Christ in her arms.

Holiday icons

The festive icons include the depiction of the Gospel events, which are especially solemnly celebrated by the Church.
The icons of the festive rite, like any others, are visible evidence of both the descent of God to man and the aspiration of man to God. If the church word and singing sanctify our soul through hearing, then the image sanctifies it by means of sight, and helps in the implementation of the task set before us – assimilation to our Prototype.

Festive icons belong precisely to the group of images that are designed to tell people about events from Holy Scripture, the life of the Church and Orthodox culture in general.

Icons can be created for temple, if the one was erected in honor of a saint or a certain holiday; in that case, the icon is placed in a special icon case or iconostasis to the right of the Savior icon. Or an icon could be purchased by any person for his/her own home.

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